About us

Dubset is a word used to describe a person, a place or a thing. In the American slang it means cool, stylish.

The Dubset Streetwear Shop opens in spring 2011 in Nonantola, a small town situated between the two big cities of Modena and Bologna. It was born from the need to create a new hotspot for everyone: initially designed for the skate and hip hop style, the shop has then evolved into a store where anyone, regardless of age and style, can find the most suitable garment for its own personality. A garment that in addition to "cover" also gives an image of himself to those around him.

In September 2014 the shop moved to Modena, facing a wider audience in the picturesque and evocative context of the historical center of the city.

In 2016 the new shop website is online, shipping apparel and footwear all over the world.